Friday, November 16, 2012

Foodie Friday with Natasha

Happy Friday! Today I have another installment of Foodie Friday features with one of my daily reads - Natasha from Schue Love. Natasha's blog is about a lot more than just food, but I promise you her recipes  always catch my eye and have my mouth watering. She's one blogger you don't want to miss. 

Hometown: South Lake Tahoe {northern CA}
Current City: Newport Beach {southern CA}

Story behind your blog and what got you into cooking/baking(including how long you've been blogging for).: When I moved to Tahoe, which is a small mountain community, I wanted to make sure I stayed in touch with the things I'm passionate about, like fashion, home decor and cooking.  Not having any major shopping or big restaurants nearby, blogging became a great creative outlet for me.  Over the last two years, my blog has become so much more personal to me.  I've documented my pregnancy and now son...and still have managed to talk about fashion, decor and cooking as well!  My husband and I are huge foodies...he's definitely the resident cook in the house...I'm more of the baker.  But we love experimenting with new recipes and discovering great food.

Favorite recipe you have made to date: I'm really into seasonal flavors and right now I'm especially digging butternut squash.  These butternut squash enchiladas are seriously amazing...they're healthy and full of flavor.  Yum!

Favorite go-to weeknight meal: We love cooking tacos.  We recently discovered a street-style taco that is mouth-watering good!  I also love this goat cheese and avo taco combination.  Basically, tacos are easy to put together, but there are literally hundreds of combinations, so it keeps it interesting.

Favorite recipe to cook for guests/take to a party: A real crowd pleaser is this cowboy caviar.  It's a Schue Family favorite!  Crunchy, tangy and bite size!

Favorite thing to bake or have baked for you:  I really like baking scones.  They're great for breakfast or an afternoon snack and they're not too sweet.  I recently made these pumpkin scones, which where perfect for the fall season.  I also love this strawberry version.

Kitchen gadget you could never live without: I have to say our electric griddle.  It's awesome!  We use it for tacos, eggs, french toast, quesadillas, grilled cheese...the list goes on!

One of your daily foodie reads: Some recent favorites are Yummy Mummy Kitchen and Naturally Ella.

Make sure you stop on over to Natasha's blog to say hello. Have a wonderful weekend friends!


natasha {schue love} said...

Thanks for having me today Shari!! Such a fun feature!! :)

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

natasha is the sweetest AND her food always looks amazing!! i really want to try that cowboy caviar (cute name!) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

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