Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday

This week's Top 2 Tuesday:
Top 2 Things You Have Learned from Your Parents

1. Everything happens for a reason. My mom has always been real big on the idea of fate. She believes that everyone that comes into your life, and everything that takes place, happens for a reason. She has always stressed to me that while certain things may not make sense in the moment, they eventually will. I think this has been huge in my life, as I try to focus on the positives. Dwelling on the negatives can be so easy, but if you try and see the good of what came out of meeting a particular person, or having a certain something happen to you, it makes life a lot more pleasant.  

2. My Independence. My dad has always stressed to me that being able to provide and take care of myself is very important. From the time I was a little girl, he always tried to teach me everything he could, to give me the proper tools I would need in life. From money saving tips, to fixing things around the house, he has definitely played a big role in the person I have become today. 

Thanks mom & dad! You guys are the best.



Caroline said...

This is great advice. Thanks for sharing!

Jocelyn said...

Independence is a great one! Love your post today!

Pamela M said...

Love this post!! Great insight from your parents :o)

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